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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  August 25, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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movies and music on the enda for the first day of school for prince george's county students due to a
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glitch. and now it's day two. have those students made it to class? >> some were left without a schedule at all. so how is day two going? sarah simons is live with all of the details. >> reporter: prince george's county school officials say they are still working on this widespread scheduling problem. faculty members are putting the scheduled together by hand and it may take a week to get this straightened out. students showed up to suitland high an hour before school started to avoid a second day of frustration. >> i got my schedule but they didn't put the right stuff on it. >> reporter: school officials say there was a glitch in the new computer system that makes the schedulessish the major issue was an i.t. glitch and it has since been worked out and we're working on getting the kids scheduled today. >> reporter: many of the students were packed into the school auditorium while the staff tried it figure out who
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was going where? >> it was starting to get into things that people were happy because they couldn't go to their classes because they couldn't make a schedule and stuff like that. and it started to have chaos and stuff inside the auditorium. >> reporter: some students aren't convinced the problem will be fixed today either. the county superintendent of schools says the schedules are being done by hand until the computer problem is fitched. >> they weren't prepared. and i sat in the auditorium all day just chilling. not talking to nobody, and i was like they need to have this together. we've been sitting there -- they had all summer to do it. >> reporter: now school spokespersons say all students will be in the classroom today. it may not be the -- their permanent class but this mixup affected mostly high schools. something again they hope to
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have worked out by the end of the week. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >> sarah, thank you. also in prince george's county, a busing mixup left parents of a 5-year-old panicked and frightened. a little girl named grace left vansville elementary school, she got on the wrong bus and took her to the wrong day care. here is how the day care director explained what happened. >> we got a phone call saying do we have any children that we were not supposed to have and it was first day of school and it was chaotic and at 6:30 we closed the school and the child was still here and we figured out this was a child we were not supposed to have. >> when vansville elementary called day care they said they didn't provide a name so they
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didn't know. the mother put a note in the child's backpack saying take my child to kinder care. and now digital fingerprints showing a child's movement and mannerisms. you have to get an appointment to get one. the number is on your screen for more information and you can find the number on our website, click on web links for that number. new this midday, disturbing charges filed against a fauquier county teacher. 33-year-old -- scott howl is charged with production of child pornography and intent to distribute marijuana. according to school officials, you'll has been teaching at cedar lee middle school. he's also facing additional charges and we don't know whether he's still employed. and to prince william county where vandals targeted a school.
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sky fox was over the scene of sinclair elementary this morning as crews cleaned this cut out sod to make those words and that symbol. it was laid out in the form of a swastika nd kkk and the word unite. now classes at the school don't start until september 8th so no kids were there. we're following a developing national story this morning. the president has nominated federal reserve chairman ben bernanke to a second term. the president took time out from his vacation at martha's vineyard to make the announcement this morning. he praised bernanke for helping guide the country through the financial crisis. >> as an expert on the causes of the great depression, i'm sure ben never imagined that he would be part of a team responsible for preventing another. but because of his background, his temperment and his courage and creativity, that's what he
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has helped to achieve. >> our objective remains constant, to restore a more stable financial environment in which opportunity can again flourish and in which americanss hard work and creativity can receive their proper rewards. >> the white house hopes the move it will give the market a shot of confidence. bernanke will still have to be confirmed by the senate. nice looking day out there today. sunny and warm in the forecast. >> it is warm. but the humidity is down. so that helps. >> that's a good thing. >> tucker is here with whether the humidity will stay low. >> it will stay low for sure. the forecast couldn't be better. a lot of sunshine across the region and mostly sunny skies with high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. nice. nice. starting with a lk t a satellite radar. and across the area on our ew system, you can see quiet conditionsut here as we continue to see lots of bright sunshine. high pressure is moving in from the north ndweasst.
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and notice out toward west virginia and eastern ohio, there is nothing happening. so this will be a beautiful afternoon. should mostly sunny throughout the day and again no shower or thunderstorm activity in the forecast for the remainder of our day today. we are warming up out there. warm temperatures. 81 at reagan national. humidity is 50%. winds are out of the north, they were earlier, 5-10. currently out of the north at 5 miles per hour. and mostly sunny skies, a pleasant afternoon, high temperature about 88 degrees. our average daytime high now is 85 so warmer than that. and we do have changes in the way of more humidity and the return of showers and thunderstorms. i'll have more details on that coming up. back to you guys. more details are coming into the news room about two separate accident that's injured two police officers. we begin with prince george's county. a car crashed into a u.s. park
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police cruiser on southbound bw parkway near route 197 this morning. the officer was flown to shock trauma in baltimore. the injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. a woman also had to be hospitalized. that accident backed up traffic on north and southbound lanes throughout the morning but both are now opened. and four hours before that accident, a virginia state trooper was hurt while trying to pull over a suspected drunk driver. the trooper crashed into a jersey wall in the southbound lanes of route 110 near the pentagon. the officer's injuries are said to be minor. the suspect is still on the loose. a shopping trip took a frightening turn for one fairfax county boil. the man on your screen is facing multiple charges accused of cornering the child inside a booth room. police say he followed the 9- year-old inside the dick's sporting goods and tried to hold the boy there against his will. the suspect is 47-year-old steven ligon. it turns out he's a registered
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sex offender. he told his forge that the man tried to keep him in the restroom. police viewed videotape and arrested the suspect later. and they say parents should stay with children when they go to the bathroom. >> if you're not going in with them, check the room first and then stand by the door. >> he's been charged with abduction and indecent liberty. two pepco contracts are recovering after a flash fire started when she were removing old cable in dupont circle when one of them was shocked by a live wire. it set off a fire through the underground bolt. >> i heard this rumble. it sounded like a freight train going by for a couple of seconds. >> one of the works was burn sod badly he was take -- burned
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so badly he was taken to the hospital. the electricity never went out in the circle after that flash fire. we have an update on the massive heating bills some pepco customers received last winter, some doubled and even tripled and the people's council is pointing to a reason why. hundreds of customers called fox 5 to report the significant increases in the bill. while pepco blamed it on a colder than average bill and colder temperatures, it turns out 40% boiled down to faulty tr meters. pepco says there is no basis for the council's records. they say out of the 46 checked, 23 had meter issues. and car dealers have at least the next hour to get reimbursed for their cash for clunkers sales. government pushed back the filing deadline until noon today and now some might even get time to submit claims
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because of problems. the transportation website was having problems. cash for clunkers may have run out of gas but another big stimulus plan is on the herrizeon. >> it will be talking about rebates of up to $250 on refrigerators and washing machines. program is tet to begin in late fall. a major development in the michael jackson death investigation. we now know what killed the king of pop. the next step the investigation could take is coming up. plus a present-day battle near a historic battlefield. it looks like wal-mart will be the winnerment we'll explain this one. and a man caught speeding tries to get out of the ticket by claiming to be th executive director of the c.i.a. read what thhappened to him on the off beat section of we're back in a moment.
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we're following a developing story over sea this
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is morning. early results in afghanistan's presidential election, the election commission says president karzai and abdullah abdullah have roughly 40% of the vote. that's with only 10% of the ballots in. karzai has 41% to abdullah's 49%. tomorrow nasa will try to launch space shuttle discovery again. storms popped up unexpectedly around the launch site, lighting up the sky and they scrubbed the launch for earlier today. it it will carry a new treadmill named for steven colbert. new information regarding the death of michael jackson. the l.a. county coroner has ruled his death a homicide. officials say an overdose of a mixture of powerful drugs led to his death. jonathan hunt has the details. >> reporter: michael jackson's death is being ruled a
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homicide, according to a law forcement source. a report by the los angeles county coroner says a combination of a powerful anesthetic and sedatives found in his blood likely contributed to his death on june 25th. the law enforcement source also says dr. conrad murray is at the center of the coroner's investigation. he was jackson's personal physician at the time the pop star died. earlier this month, federal agents raided murray's home and offices in las vegas and houston. now in a search warrant unsealed on monday in houston, more information on what led to those searches. murray told investigators he gave jackson a 25-milligram dose of the anesthetic propofol after injecting him with two types of sedatives as he attempted to help the pop star sleep. the warrant also includes findings from the toxicology report revealing deadly levels
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of propofol in jackson's system. last week dr. murray issued a statement on you tube saying he has been honest throughout the investigation. >> i have done all i could do. i told the truth and i have faith the truth will prevail. god bless you. and thank you. >> reporter: and over the weekend federal agents executing a search at the mickey fine pharmacy in west l.a., looking for prescriptions which could have been used to treat jackson. >> we served a federal administrative warrant today on this pharmacy. >> reporter: and also revealed in the warrant were indications there were orange substances in jackson's system. but they are reportedly not believed to have been a factor in this star's death. in new york, jonathan hunt, fox 5 news. >> dr. murray said through his lawyer that he administered nothing that should have -- his words -- killed jackson. the coroner's findings doesn't
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mean a crime was committed. a woodbridge, virginia's friend lands him in jail. the man used the site to lure a 15-year-old when she ran away to be with him. he's been charged. a man and woman on the run accused of robbing the pnc bank this weekend in crofton. a teller says that a woman walked in and took a blank deposit slip, looked around and then left. a short time later a man walked in, handed the slip to the teller with a note demanding cash and threatening that he had a gun. anyone with information is asked to call police. and the battle over the battlefield is over. officials in orange county, virginia, approved a plan to build a supersized wal-mart between fredericksburg and culpeper, down from the wilderness battlefield. the proposal stirred up major opposition from preservation groups who call it sacred ground. construction on the 133,000
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square foot store could start next year. virginia is asking for $75 million stimulus money for a new high-speed rail. the track would run 11-mile as long its 95 corridor through stafford and prince william counties. governor kaine says the state would be ready to begin construction as soon as the money was awarded. and there's been a milestone in the capital beltway hotlines. a new steel beam was erected and you can expect closured monday through friday for the next three weeks. the outlook does not look good when it comes to swine flu. a presidential plan is redirecting the virus could cause as many as 30,000 to 90,000 deaths in the u.s. most of them would involve children and young adults, many will
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suffer swine flu symptom this is fall. with up to 1.8 million people being hospitalized. the vaccine is expected to be ready mid-october. the obama administration wants to make sure that schools are ready to tackle the virus. the health and human services secretary joined others in northwest to talk about the vaccine and that they are going well. >> what we know is that we are a couple of months away from a vaccine being ready to go and when that's ready, we anticipate using schools as partnerso make sure that we reach out to kids who are a priority population to get a vaccination. >> in the meantime, maryland officials announced the 7th swine flu death in the state. the latest victim is said to be an elderly person with serious underlying medical conditions. exact details about the case are not released. raises are tough to come by in the current economy and that includes cost of living increases. >> and social security is no
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different. what you won't see in your paychecks next year. plus -- nomar guede aftery in the garden state. i'm ainsley earhart. details coming up. and be sure to vote for this week's high school game of the week. head to and choose from these matchups. we'll broadcast live friday at 5:00 and have extended highlights of the game on voting ends thursday at noon. explain. oh yea, well for 6 mons, customers get all three: fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month. oh, alright, see...
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we are back and man, do we have a special treed today. carla hall is here. everybody knows who she is. she was the top chef finalist last year. and it's great to have you here. >> thank you. it's a pleasure to be here. >> you're a local gal. >> i am a local gal. > what are we cooking up today? >> a roasted butter nut squash
11:24 am
stew and i'm getting ready for tailgate season. >> it's hot outside. >> but let's lighten it up and keep the meat out and just roll on. >> it sounds good to me. >> and we should point out that carla is the owner of a local catering company. and she's local and keeping it real. the humidity was lower today so it sounds like we'll have a taste of fall. >> especially meatless chili. i think i'll like it. >> and you'll love the forecast. it's getting warmer. and the humidity is still very pleasant. and i'll have the details on the foreca and we'll go back to the trop ings and -- tropics and talk about the next storm. >> is that danny? >> it is danny. >> and how about a staycation. holly, good morning.
11:25 am
>> reporter: you have always wanted to make really creative and gorgeous flower arrangements? today is your lucky day because one of the top floral designers in our area who trains in france, even did the frand opening of the chinese embassy for the chinese president, is spending the morning with us. she's giving us her tricks of the trade when it comes to making beautiful bouquets next on fox 5 midday news. stay with us. 
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here are some stories we're following this midday. president obama took time out from his martha's vineyard vacation to nomination ben bernanke for another term. he credited bernanke for leading country through the financial crisis. he'll still need to be confirmed by the senate. in prince george's county all students should be in class today, although some schedules
11:29 am
may be altered. yesterday there was a scheduling mixup some high schools and some students sat in the auditory all day. dr. william hite says the problem arose from a new i.t. systems. many will be disappointed with their social security payments next year. >> it's the first year the checks will not go up. >> reporter: 50 million who receive social security benefits should not expect a cost of living increase for the next two years. the adjustmented are based on inflation which are negative due to energy costs. this is the first time cost of living payments have not gone up tore social security since automatic increases were started in 1975. >> everything has gone up, medicine and everything. and the older people can't live on what they're getting. >> they're already on reduced incomes. i think it's a shame. >> reporter: legally social security benefits cannot go down but with average monthly premiums expected to increase,
11:30 am
and medicare also on the rise, seniors advocates say with many older americans living on less than $20,000 per year, the cost of living increase matters. >> seniors live on fixed income. low income seniors really live on a very little amount of money and very old senior have an awful lot of money going to health care. so every dollar they count on to help them get through the year. >> reporter: now a group is calling on congress to boost benefits even if the formula doesn't call for increases. one expert says this is a sign of things to come. >> what the government give, they can take away. >> reporter: and social security is not ultimately fixed. >> we can't pay everything in the future. they haven't seen anything yet if they don't fix social soak. >> reporter: in the short-term senator burnie sanders from vermont says he'll announce
11:31 am
emergency legislation to help seniors make ends meet. in washington, mike emanuel, fox news. well i'll tell you what, money trouble may be a thing of the past for the winner tonight of the lottery. megamillions tickets are sold in 12 states, including maryland and virginia. >> i think it's your time, allison. >> i think i'm due. >> after the close call last week. someone in the same state won last week. >> someone in south carolina. >> it's in maryland and virginia. >> we all buy in virginia and i'll buy in maryland. >> i'll buy. just one. the forecast looks great if you're oug int ouuytto buy a loery tig et -or doing yardwork or lo e thdo dog. we're 81 degrees at reagan national. humidity is in chcayo n u e ofs you e n seoff to the senorth
11:32 am
and west it's still relatively cool out there. hagerstown is 79 and 76 in web chester. soo you can see the cooler and drier air off to the north and west as well. it continues at this hour. and it should be a beautiful afternoon. 82 in fredericksberg and the hot spot right now is in ocean city, currently 87 down there. our high temperature will be about 87-88 here in washington. so we'll add a few more degrees to this later this afternoon. and even with bright sunshine and humidity, relatively low for this time of year, it won't feel too bad for you. there is your satellite radar and you can see that the cloud cover and the showers associated with that frontal system that brought us the heavy rain this weekend has pushed off the coast and still bringing rain and clouds down to the outer banks but here in washington, a quiet day, a lot of sunshine expected and off to the north and west in the ohio valley it's clear so high pressure will build in here and give us a nice afternoon and mute -- beautiful nice. temperatures into the upper 60s
11:33 am
and low 70s and so maybe you can save on the air- conditioning this ening. your front lingers off the coast. bringing the clouds to the carolinas and our focus is the area of high pressure and that will move through over the next couple of days so ls of sunshine today and then again tomorrow we'll have plenty of sunshine but tomorrow our temperatures will bump up into the low 90s. so more summery tomorrow for you. and then we're going to start to cool down towards the end of the week. let's get down to the tropics and show you the area of disturbed weather. nothing yet but the hurricane center will send a plane in to look at it later today. it looks like it will become a tropical depression over the next couple of days and could become a tropical storm. if it does, this would be danny. our fourth named storm of the season. and the reason i show it to you, is that it could impact washington weather perhaps the beaches into the weekend. we'll see exactly where this tracks. but the computer models want to take it in the direction of the
11:34 am
mid-atlantic off the coast by saturday our sunday. and we'll give you the latest as it continues to develop. mostly sunny skies here and high temperature about 88. winds out of the north and west at 5 miles per hour. and you're five-day forecast, after i give you tonight's forecast, clear skies and cool enough to turn up the air- conditioning. 69 for an overnight low and winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. there is your five-day forecast. tomorrow 91 degrees. overnight low 72. the clouds move in thursday afternoon and we have an increasing chance for showers and thunderstorms by friday and saturday. maybe we'll get one on thursday too but i think a better chance friday and saturday. and then the weekend weather determined by what happened with the tropical system and whether we have another cold front so it might not be a perfect weekend but today is close to perfect. >> real nice outside. and the rain we still need. >> parts of the area still need rain. >> thanks, tucker. susan boyle became a house hold name when she surprised everyone with her voice on
11:35 am
britain has talent but make way for daniel johnson. [ singing ] >> he sounds good. he won over the crowd and more importantly the judges on the x factor, that's britain's version of american idol when the 27-year-old teacher was done singing, simon cowell was the first to jump to his feet for a standing ovation. >> okay, daniel, i've been doing this for how many years, 8-9 years. daniel, that was single- handedly the best first audition i've ever heard. >> wow! >> that's big time. daniel made it to the next round of auditions and is already favored to win the entire competition. the video has been seen more than one million times and being posted on you tube. and if you want to check it out, go to and look
11:36 am
under web links. his showmanship is off the charts and everything. >> he has the personality and everything. >> 27-year-old teacher. >> that will be great. straight ahead this morning, where does one of the most malined world leaders stay when he wants to come to the united states? >> well new jersey. >> now all of the new jersey people will be mad at up. an up scale suburb of new ersey getting for visit of nomar cad avi and he's not been welcomed with open arms.
11:37 am
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11:39 am
libby and leader nomar cad avi is set up to set up shop in new jersey during next month. >> they would prefer he find shelter somewhere. ainsley earhart reports. >> reporter: it's a neighbor no
11:40 am
one wants. residents in inglewood new jersey are seeing red. libby and leader nomar khadaffi plans to call the suburb home when he visits the united nations next month to address the general assembly. >> of course it concerns me like it would anyone else. >> reporter: the libian strong man has been attempting to rehabilitate his image over the last few years and denounced terrorism and so his u.n. appearance would seem like international acceptance but there was a bump in the road last week after he praised scotland's decision to release the libby and convicted of bombing pan am flight which killed 253 people. >> we communicated with the libian government and we continue to watch what they do in the days going forward about this individual. >> reporter: he is makes his first ever visit to the united states originally wanted to set up a tent in new york city to sleep in.
11:41 am
but that request was denied. that's when libian authorities turned their attention to the engalwood mansion. >> i don't think i want him in the neighborhood, but i think he'll be reasonable, so what are we going to do if country invited him as our guest. >> reporter: residents are rivaled by reports he might want to set up his tent on the property rather than sleeped in the runned down home that is being renovated. but a spokesperson for the libian embassy says the tent will be used just for entertainment purposes. in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. >> now he is not the first foreign leader to visit the u.s. that has caused county. hugo chavez and ahmadinejad and others have sparked concerns when they visited the u.s. coming up this morning, it's fun and creative. holly is learning how to arrange flowers from a pro this morning. and then we're headed back over to studio b. so see what our guest chef is cooking up
11:42 am
this morning. hi, carla. first though, calling all want to be rock stars, we have less than a week for you to sign up for the fox rocks contest. just go to, up load your bands original song and fox 5 viewers will pick their favorites to compete in the battle of the bands in arlington. the winner will appear on fox 5 morning news andee- a three minute free video. just go to our website for all of the details. explain.
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summer is officially winding down and with the kids back in school, for the most part, you might have a little extra time on your hands. so how about learning a nw hoppy, like arranging flowers. holly morris explains from the carlisle house historic park. >> reporter: i just wanted to show you something that i've been working on this morning. look at these gorgeous flower arrangements. i've been inspired by the gardens here at the historic carlisle house where i am in
11:46 am
old town alexandria. i've been inspired by that and more. my true inspiration is this lovely woman right here, this is laura dowling and she is a top-notch floral designer as you can see. these are obviously her creative work. and she's spending the morning with us because she's going to teach us how to impress our friends and guests. >> that's right. if you are going to a party and want to bring a hostess bouquet, look at the sunflowers, roses. and i'll give you this to hold. >> reporter: and you can pick this up at your farmer's market. >> you get the arrangems as you -- arrange. s as you like and then i have a ribbon like pattern down here and put e leaf up into the bouquet. >> reporter: i see. you just use regular tape there. >> so insert it like this. so you're covering the stems
11:47 am
and do that all the way around the bouquet. and this makes it special and a little different. >> reporter: and you and i were talking about this earlier, which is so french, is that it is about covering the stems or using creative simple ways to cover the vases, which you did with all of your arrangements over here this morning. >> starting with a garten style bouquet and then embellishing it, giving it the little extra touch that makes it special. >> reporter: that makes it stand out. >> and it makes the bouquet look like something different. >> reporter: absolutely. you can see she used some peppers, she used just little ribbons down at the bottom and don't limit yourself to what you put in your bouquet was another one f your tips. >> you want to cut that stem down. >> reporter: because it's a little too long. all right. >> and viola. >> reporter: and that's so easy and gorgeous. how long would something like this last? >> i think about a week. you want to cut the stems and put this in water.
11:48 am
tease are the kinds of leaves that can hold up in water, that change -- change it every day and it's definitely a week. >> reporter: what else do you have in your magic basket over there? >> this is a way to even make it more special. >> reporter: wow. >> wrap it with ribbon at the end. this is a french braid. and just loop it to get it on. loop it on one of the stems like this. >> reporter: see how there are tricks of the trade there. >>and just wrap it like this to hold the leaves in place. >> reporter: that is so great. how beautiful. what is the biggest mistake do you think people make? >> they're not adventurous enough. it's about experimenting with color and texture and using brusel sprouts or banana pepper in bouquets. >> reporter: and is our website and she gave us how- to tips to put on our website
11:49 am
and i'll leave it by saying think outside the bouquet. talk to you guys. >> thanks, holly. let's head over to studio b. and see what gurvir is cooking up this morning. >> we do have a real special treat. carla hall is here. many of you know her as the finalist on top chef last year. >> yeah, last season. >> re . >> and she has a great business here for catering. and she's doing chili with no meat in it. >> and we're getting ready for the fall and we think about people afraid of butter nut squash and you take a good peeler and just peel it like this, just like a carrot. and then we're going to chop that up and i have some already chopped here. and instead of roasting it in the oven, which we normally do, i'm roasting it in a pan and you want to make sure the pan is hot.
11:50 am
i've tossed the squash and oil and then it in. >> listen to that sizzle. >> you want to make sure you hear something. >> and what is interesting to, the kinds of pots and pans. i love cast iron too. >> i love cast iron. i'm doing a while pallenta here and i cooked it and i poured it out into a pan. here we are here. i poured it into a pan and i just punched it out. how easy is that? >> and how long does the butter nut squash stay. >> how long do we cook i? there is flavor in the brown. we want to brown it and i have some right here that is already brun. >> great. >> now while you're doing that, i know with top chef, it had to open up doors for you. has life changed? >> life has changed. i'm overscheduled and over booked. >> but you took time out to come see us. >> and i'm so honored to be here.
11:51 am
but a lot of different opportunities, working for the mushroom council, i'm working for marble side creamery and di a project with them. we had something with banana republic a couple of weeks ago and a lot of fun activities and people calling us up. >> and people know you. can i contaminate that by using its same spoon. >> no, that's okay. >> and is it okay to do this? >> you want to let it sit. and i call this a dump and roll. i'm going to start dumping things in. >> go for it. >> we'll dump in smokes paprika, some chili powder. >> and gve it color and flavor. >> we'll dumping in some things. >> and this is not the big heavy chili you would find in the middle of winter. >> exactly. and another tip to show you with a micro plain, e this for your garlic, boom, boom,
11:52 am
boom, right in the pan. no fuss and no mess. >> that reminds me of the raft that i used to use on my horses' feet. >> well see. >> you're business, it's not a restaurant. >> it's not a restaurant. >> but it's full service catering. >> it's full service catering and what we want to do is we're working to make our food acsettible to the public so we want to have retailso we're looking for space there and that's what is going to happen. we're going to make it happen. >> awesome. so we're going to let this cook up and show you the finished product in a few minutes. that looks so good. we'll take a break and then allison and tucker will be over to taste some of this delicious stuff. thanks, carla. >> thank you. it's never too early to start saving up for christmas.
11:53 am
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get your christmas club card and use it... to start saving up now... and we'll add a 3% bonus to your card -- just in time to shop for christmas! yes, the christmas bonus is back! one more way to shop your way, only at kmart and sears.
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nick jonas was in washington yesterday at the national press club talking about his life with diabetes. jonas sharedwith the crowd how he decides which finger to stick to test his blood sugar and understanding he has to stay on top of it every day to make sure he stays healthy. his growth joe was -- his brother joe was filled in in dallas. chris guiterrez takes us inside. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: it was the lone star states turn to polish up the cowboy boots and show the american idol judges they have to -- they have what it takes to win it all. >> i think it's the new l.a. >> i have the heart and the
11:57 am
drive and the hunger and the talent. >> big expectations, big humidity and big heat and big voices and by spirit. we have a great track record here so excited to be back once again. >> reporter: dallas is the forth of seven cities to host this year's idol auditions with the added drama of guest judges trying to fill paula abduhl's high heels. this time jonas took the fourth spot at the judge's table. >> i bring anything to the table and i think i'll bring just a honest answer and opinion on the singers and we'll see how they do. >> it will bring a bit of youth and coolness, nice dresser like me and we're going to be -- i'm feeling a very interesting brotherhood. >> reporter: there is still speculation paula could return but simon randy and cara say the show must go on. >> it's been good. i mean it's still the same.
11:58 am
different people. i'm trying to readjust to that. but i think we're doing fine. >> you never know. it would be dallas, it could be chicago and you still don't know because the kids you've seen could really start to grow. who knows. maybe we'll see them on hollywood week and it's like whoa. >> this show is to expect the unexpected always. and i think just the guest judges that have been with us thus far, who knows. >> i think it offers more to the gsts than sitting with us. >> reporter: up next, orlando. in dallas, chris guiterrez, fox news. >> i miss paula. >> you do? already? >> i miss paula. >> we haven't gotten into the show yet. >> i can already feel the energy. i'm going to do a quick five-day forecast. sunshine and quiet conditions expected today. 88 for an noon high and then
11:59 am
tonight it will be cool and tomorrow morning allison will let you know what the temperature is like. and then thursday, friday and saturday we'll increase the cloud cover with a possibility of showers and thunderstorms friday and saturday. and then we'll have to watch a tropical system very carefully to see how close it comes to the coast. >> do you want me to let you know how much rain i had at the house? >> i love that. >> out in virginia. >> right. and we have this great chili cooking up and allison, you'll love it because it doesn't have any meat in it. >> can you talk about what is in it? >> we have the chick peas and you can substitute any kind of beans. we have roasted tomatoes, brown sugar, snow paprika, chili powder, cumin, garlic and our roasted butter nut squash. >>


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